NQ Minerals

Committed to Sustainable Development

Our mission is to rehabilitate the environment of former precious metal mining operations and sustainably extract minerals required to build a cleaner world. In short, to be a responsible, green minerals exploration and extraction company for the 21st century.


1.3 million ounces


27 million ounces

Battery Metals

Zinc – 278,000 tonnes
Lead – 285,000 tonnes

Nickel & Cobalt

Nickel – 143,000 tonnes
Cobalt – 11,000 tonnes

Our Green Credentials

  • The majority of our on-site electricity is from renewable sources

  • 100% of our resource revenues are currently from environmental rehabilitation

  • We have adopted the World Gold Council’s ESG standards for our gold extraction

  • Our remaining mineral exploration and extraction is focused on resources for clean energy and ESG delivery

Hellyer FY2020 in numbers


A$ 0 m
Gross revenues
A$ 0 m
Gross profit
A$ 0 m
Net income
0 MT
Of tailings retreatment

Where we are

Tasmania & North Queensland

Current Projects

North Queensland

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