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▷ Gold

▷ Silver

▷ Zinc

▷ Lead


▷ Gold 633,600 ounces
▷ Silver 22,873,600 ounces

▷ Zinc 176,700 tonnes
▷ Lead 228,000 tonnes


▷ Tasmania, Australia


▷ Environmental rehabilitation
▷ Sustainable extraction

▷ Exploration & re-opening of the underground operations

“Hellyer is NQ’s first flagship asset and will provide significant returns to shareholders over the coming decades”


Breathing New Life

Phase 1 – environmental clean-up, surface minerals extraction

  • NQ recommissioned the Hellyer plant and began mine commissioning in 2018

  • In October 2018 retreatment of tailings from the main tailings dam began and site rehabilitation commenced

  • FY 2020 production of 1.1Mt of tailings retreatment achieved

♦  38kt Pb concentrates, 19k of Zn concentrates, 1.1Moz Ag,5.4koz au

  • FY 2021 production estimate 1.4 Mt

  • 2022 FY Plan

♦  Completion of construction of a new Tailings Storage

♦  Increase production to 1.5Mt p.a.

"The majority of our on-site electricity at Hellyer is renewable"

JORC Compliant Reserves

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Phase 2 – expansion: re-open underground and new exploration

Re-open underground

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“Reopening the underground mining operations at Hellyer will add significant mine life and significantly boost revenues and profits.”

New exploration

Major new target identified

Production History

The Hellyer deposit was mined by underground methods during the period 1989 to 2000. Meanwhile the adjacent Fossey deposit on the tenement, which extends down plunge from the Hellyer deposit, was mined by Bass Metals between 2010 and 2012. Tailings from the Hellyer mill were deposited in a tailings storage facility located approximately 1 km to the west of the Hellyer mill. Over the course of the previous mining operations 11 million tonnes of tailings were deposited in the tailings dam.